Sports, Snacks, and Shrinky Dinks? 2023 Winterims Led by Seniors

This year, Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy (HBHA) seniors have been given a unique leadership opportunity, a way in which they can connect with lower classmen in a relaxed and fun setting. At HBHA, Winterims is the first week after winter break where students participate in activities in place of their normal classes. While most Winterims are led by teachers, students have the option to co-lead with a faculty advisor. However, for the first time, all seniors have been required to create and run a Winterim.  This change has generated a wide variety of new, creative options.


Upper School Principal Todd Clauer says that the addition of senior-led Winterims is not a new phenomenon. “There’s been a discussion for several years about the idea of getting more students engaged in leading,” he states. “If you start talking about ‘students engaged in winterims,’ you think ‘the seniors are the most capable in coming up with ideas’…they also have the leadership skills to run this [Winterims] the right way.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and last year being a trip year, Clauer decided to suspend these ambitions until this year. Here are the class and activity ideas that the seniors provided for middle and upper school students during Winterim 2023.



Work Out (Benji Kohl)
Surprise Me (Aviva Clauer and Illiana Hammer)
Disney+ with Us (Judah Schuster and Roman Katz)
Shrinky Dinks (Zachary Liss)
Snack Attack (Zach Hardy and Annie Fingersh)
Sports Frenzy (Ethan Sosland and Avi Hammer)
It’s On Like Donkey Kong (Daniel Thomas)
Epic Rap Battles of History (Evie Brand)

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