Gus Zitron was covered in mud after the fun Zip KC trip. Photo by Kristin Huston.

Memory 4

Gus Zitron, a sixth grader at HBHA, says his favorite memory was, “When we went to Zip KC and got in the mud.” He enjoyed the field trip and shared that it was a, “…very good learning opportunity because there were some parts where we had to jump over a wall and they were so big that we needed to stand on each other’s shoulders to get up.” He says that there were many steep hills they needed to help pull each other up. Zitron explained that best of all, he enjoyed the mud. Zitron says, “There was a big pit full of water and mud that we had to go through. We all enjoyed that very much. I think Zip KC was a very fun and good field trip overall even though we were muddy on the bus ride back.”

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