Bekah Zitron smiles while she meets with her co-worker to plan an event.
Bekah Zitron smiles while she meets with her co-worker to plan an event.
Orli Zigler

Bekah Zitron Takes On A New Role At HBHA

A loved member of the HBHA family, Bekah Zitron has taken on a new position as the school’s Community Engagement Specialist. Her new role is to help foster community engagement and relationship building amongst current and potential HBHA families. Zitron shares, “I’m reaching out to families who may come to HBHA, who may be interested in it, in the community, to tell them about our school and show them around.” 


With her new job at HBHA, Zitron has organized a schoolwide pumpkin patch get together earlier this fall where 130 people attended, and an event at Roe Park for Pre K families who are considering sending their kids to HBHA next school year to meet each other. Before this year, Zitron was a teacher’s aid for five years assisting Kindergarten through fifth grade by going from class to class helping in whichever way she could. 

Bekah and her family having a great time together on their family vacation. (Courtesy of Bekah Zitron)

Zitron grew up on the East coast in Northern Virginia and attended public school until she later attended James Madison University for her college education. She has two sisters, and between the three of them, they have seven boys. Zitron and her husband Aaron, who is an HBHA graduate, have two sons, Teddy grade 10 and Gus grade 7.  


Zitron and her family love to travel. The first big trip that the family took was when Zitron’s sons were ages 9 and 6. The family went to Oman and The United Arab Emirates. Zirton says, “We thought we would take a big trip and see how the boys did traveling, and they loved it, and they did great, they are both great travelers.” Since then, Zitron and her family have also been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, and Seychelles. 


Zitron has a second job outside of HBHA as a hair and makeup stylist. Zitron shares, “I do event hair and makeup for mostly brides, bridesmaids, and other galas and events…” . Zitron has always been interested in doing this since she was a little girl. She has always loved doing hair and makeup, clothes and jewelry. Zitron says, “I just decided once my boys were old enough that I could kind of be away from them on the weekends that I really wanted to do something and learn about something new.” 

Bekah and her family in the Seychelles. (Orli Zigler)

Zitron interned with a studio in The West Bottoms where she learned what bridal makeup and hair is, and for the past year she has been doing it all on her own. She shares, “It’s really fun, I love it”. Zitron and her family live in Missouri, in the house that her husband Aaron grew up in. When she first decided to send her sons to HBHA she wasn’t sure how well it would work for their family, as the drive is very far, but Zitron shares, “We just decided [that] it was really important for our kids to have this education and be a part of this community”. 


Zitron’s goal as the Community Engagement Specialist is to make the school more robust in events to make students feel like they are really involved and for there to be something for everybody. Zitron shares that, “HBHA is such a special community and I’m really glad that I chose to send my boys here”.

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