Photo by Noah Bergh
Photo by Noah Bergh

A Day Under the Moon

Photo by Noah Bergh

On April 8, 2024, there was a solar eclipse, which is expected to be the last solar eclipse in America for the next 20 years. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a solar eclipse is when the moon passes in between the Earth and the sun. In a total eclipse, the moon covers the sun completely. For a few minutes making the sky look like it is dusk, and may even make the sun’s outer atmosphere visible. 

The trajectory for the 2024 solar eclipse was over parts of Canada, America, and Mexico. It happened to pass over Current River State Park, Missouri, creating the perfect conditions for a high school road trip led by faculty members Adam Tilove, Todd Clauer, and Eran Reem!

   The trip was quite an adventure, starting out with students getting locked in the HBHA bathroom for 17 minutes, but after that there was mostly smooth sailing. During the four hour bus ride, students jammed out to music and practiced for the high school play.  

At the campsite, the group set up tents, and the lowerclassmen made a delicious pasta and green bean dinner. After dinner, students made smores under a clear, star-filled night sky.

In the morning, davening was held in the midst of the majestic campground immersed in nature, and then the group was on their way to the Ozark Trail to watch the eclipse. 

After a hot and strenuous hike uphill, the group got to the top, where they enjoyed a clear blue sky and bagels as the moon started to cover the sun. 

During totality, the group took off their glasses to witness the celestial phenomena, and it was unlike anything experienced before. There was a 360 degree sunset and the temperature dropped to a gentle chill. The sun was completely covered, making a glowing ring around the moon. 

Afterwards, the group hiked back down and played in the water of the Ozark National Scenic River way. 

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