Kelly Reichman: Art Teacher and Inspiration to All
Photo courtesy of Kelly Reichman

Kelly Reichman: Art Teacher and Inspiration to All

One of the first things you notice about our school is the halls lined with sensational artwork made by students of all ages. Each piece of art at HBHA reflects the uniqueness of each student, and at HBHA every student gets to express themselves through their artwork in their own way. For the past 28 years, Kelly Reichman has created an environment where every student can find a way to portray themselves through their artwork.


The art program at HBHA consists of drawing, painting, sculpting, and so much more. The “so much more” aspect includes the personal attention students receive from Reichman. Reichman says, “In lower school, students learn how to use all sorts of media, and I try to teach laterally and on a scale so that when students get to middle school they have been introduced to enough in earlier years that they are able to work more independently.”


Reichman says, “In middle school, students learn more about artists and art history, and in high school, students pretty much get to do whatever they like to do, but in an organized way.” 


In art class, students get to take everything they have learned throughout the years and create their own pieces of art that reflect both their talents and the skills they have learned.


Art pieces made by HBHA students. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Reichman)


Reichman says, “My goal is for every student to excel at what they do, and I want them to push themselves.” She says that ever since she was a little girl, she has always loved school and always had a passion for teaching.


Reichman has always also had a passion for art. She says, “My biggest inspirations have been all of my art teachers, especially my high school art teacher because she really pushed me.” Reichman expresses to all of her students that she will always push them to do their very best.


According to Reichman, the biggest difference about working at HBHA is the small family atmosphere. She says, “You know your students, and your students know you, and I am my most authentic self when I’m with my students.” Reichman truly expresses herself when working with the students at HBHA.  Her favorite part about working at HBHA is “the family atmosphere. I love that I feel as if I have raised a generation of kids here.” 


When asked what Reichman wants every one of her students to take away when leaving HBHA, she said, “I don’t want students to be afraid to make mistakes, it’s okay, there will always be a way to fix it or use a mistake in a different way, and it’s okay to fail.” She says, “From every mistake you make you learn something, you learn what you could have done better, and what you can do better, and you can do anything, and I want my kids to know that.”


Reichman posing with an art certificate. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Reichman)


A message Reichman wants to share with her students is, “Art is important to your life, and know that whatever art you choose whether it’s dancing, or music, it is all important, and it will make you a better person.” Reichman communicates to her students that art can be found in anything and anywhere, and that it is significant to students’ lives.


Reichman has made such a huge impact on all of her students. She has not only taught skills, techniques, and the history of art, but she has taught every student at HBHA how to truly express themselves in so many different ways that continue to amaze students every day. The art program at HBHA will forever be impacted by Reichman’s hard work, dedication, and love that she expresses toward every student at HBHA.


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