Announcement: RSS and Email Subscriptions Now Active!

Elana Goldenberg

Hey, readers! I’m the webmaster, Jacob Katz. I’m here to tell you that you can now subscribe to Rampage Wired with either your favorite RSS feed reader, or with email! Both of these methods will inform you whenever a new post is put on the website. We hope they work well and can help everyone get the content they want!

To subscribe, either click the top links on the sidebar, or on the buttons below. If you follow the RSS link, please follow the instructions on the top part of the page that opens. Thank you!

[button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Subscribe via Email[/button]

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Subscribe via RSS[/button]

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if anything doesn’t work, please post a comment below!