The Class of 2022 Says a Final Farewell


Evelyn Brand, Writer

Image by Annie Fingersh.

Every year Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy (HBHA) must say goodbye to a fantastic group of seniors, and this year was no different. The group of 12  journeyed these halls for 12 years now and have said their final goodbyes to the school. From Malava Malka to graduation these students have filled the halls with laughter and shenanigans. They will be missed in every aspect of the school. 

Earlier this week, the seniors said their final goodbyes at the 2022 HBHA graduation ceremony. At their graduation, 

Last week, the seniors said their final farewell to the halls of HBHA as they did the annual senior ‘run through’. This is when they literally run through the lower school hall giving everyone high fives to the entire school. The seniors were also read their farewell speeches by freshman and a few siblings from other grades. These sweet speeches are touching and emotional, and they usually end in tears. 

Noa Levine, a freshman at HBHA who shared a speech to senior Madi Bell said that “it was hard at first” but after getting to know the senior, she realized “how much she’ll miss their friendly faces around the halls” and “jokes in classes.” 

The class of 2022 has learned many lessons at HBHA and not only in academics but in other ways such as the importance of advocating for yourself. Madi Bell said that she is leaving the school “confident in herself and her ability to both know when to ask for help and how to ask for it.” Another unique aspect of HBHA is that due to the small environment Bell felt her experience was tailored to her needs. Audrey Brand said  that HBHA creates a “strong sense of identity.” 

The class of 2022 is ready to say their final goodbyes to HBHA, but throughout their time here they have gained a valuable education and loving friends. Image by Annie Fingersh.

Through their time at HBHA, this year’s seniors are fortunate to have been able to become so close with one another. The unique school environment at HBHA offers students the ability to make connections with people they otherwise would not have been able to make. 

Dennis Krolevich said that the bond he’s created with his classmates is a “bond that can’t be easily broken.”  Another unique aspect of the school is the ability to play many sports and this class will be missed so much in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Shir-El Rudnick says that some of her memories of the school are from both sport games and practices. 

At their graduation ceremony which was held earlier this week at the White Theater, we heard the seniors’ reflection on their time at HBHA. Their speeches made many laugh, some cry, and some do both. From thank yous to jokes, the speeches from the students are always the best and most meaningful part of graduation.  

From their elementary school memories such as being sent to the principal to the Jewish heritage trip, this class of 2022 seniors have made some memories they’ll never forget. Their charisma and joyous personalities will be missed. They’ve impacted so many students from lower schoolers in their families and other high schoolers. They will be missed by teachers, faculty, and students.