100 gecs: Online in the Most Absurd, Maximalist Way Possible


Zachary Liss, Writer

“I never thought this voice effect would ever sound good in music, but they continue to prove me wrong with every song,” Evelyn Brand. 100 gecs is the title of hyperpop duo Laura Les and Dylan Brady who have been pushing the musical landscape for some time now. They have accumulated a devoted following because of their music and personality. They had a brief self-titled EP that was released in 2017, but they really started to blow up on their 2019 album “1000 gecs” and follow-up companion album, “1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues.”


Their self-titled EP in 2017 was the duo’s first official release under the moniker of 100 gecs. The fun beats, random distorted noises, and, most notably, chippy autotune all make for a distinguished and clear listening experience. My personal favorite tracks are “dog food” and “bloodstain,” which each feature a bubbly beat and transition into distorted noise. They would later polish up some of these details in 2019 on their breakout album “1000 gecs.”

Pictured here is a vinyl for 100 gecs’ “1000 gecs.” Photo by Zachary Liss.

1000 gecs is like listening to a microwave that gained sentience and hooked itself to the internet. It is catchy, absurd, and unpredictable, which culminates in fun genre fusions and songs that will stay in your head for weeks. Songs like “money machine” and “stupid horse” perfectly embody this sound.


“Money machine” features high chippy auto-tune vocals inspired by nightcore, and an abrasive distorted beat to compliment the track. The beginning of the song starts with insults such as “lil piss baby,” which lead to lyrics I can’t help but sing along to. In an interview with Genius, Laura attempted to explain such lyrics. Needless to say, it’s hilarious to know that Laura did not even know what a “money machine” was when making this song.


On “stupid horse,” the duo also showcases this braggadocious attitude on a ska song about betting on a horse and losing. The absurd chorus, “stupid horse, I just fell out of the Porsche, lost the money in my bank account, oh no” is delivered with such an in-your-face attitude and punk flair that I can’t help but sing along. 


The song is additionally sampled on their 2020 single “sympathy 4 the grinch” a holiday song about stealing and kidnapping Santa. Senior Evelyn Brand has stated that this may be her favorite 100 gecs song. Brand, like many 100 gecs fans, is drawn in by the outright absurdity of this song. “It’s about kidnapping Santa and stealing his toys and being mad that you weren’t on the good list so I think that’s funny,” she states. 


Their knack for a catchy chorus is also shown on the song “ringtone,” where the duo reflects on modern-day relationships. It’s about not responding to group chats and intimacy through technology, which fits with the online feel of the album.


“Hand crushed by a mallet” is another personal favorite of mine, and features fun, lowkey synth lines. If I was plugged into the internet, this is how I would feel. Its slightly more online feel is also reminiscent of another song on the album, “800 db cloud,” which starts off slow and melancholy. However, it turns into heavy distortion, showing the unpredictability of 100 gecs.


All of these tracks sound great by themselves but mesh better together if you listen to the album track by track. Listening like this gives more context to incoherent tracks like “I Need Help Immediately” and the first half of “gecgecgec.” It may seem unorganized but as Brand said, “It’s chaotic but there’s an order to it,” as the album sounds like you’re scrolling through the internet between different sounds and videos. It may jump from one idea to the next, but you can always sense that there is some purpose to what the group is doing.


Their following project released in 2020, “1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues,” is a remix companion album to “1000 gecs,” but stands alone as its own unique project. 100 gecs was already known for being able to blend genres seamlessly, and here they showcase this skill even further with a long list of collaborations that include artists such as: A.G. Cook, Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito, Injury Reserve, Fall Out Boy, Black Dresses, umru, Dorian Electra, and more. 

100 gecs released merch for their upcoming album “10,000 gecs.” Photo by Zachary Liss.

The long list of features only serves to further compliment the 100 gecs sound, especially on “ringtone (remix) [feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito].” With the number of features on such a simple track, you’d think that the product would be messy, but 100 gecs weaves them into the song seamlessly to give it new life. Brand says it the best, “some of these people you wouldn’t have expected to have collaborated with 100 gecs… but they make it work.”


Fall Out Boy subverts the song “hand crushed by a mallet” to compliment their own style. It’s an unexpected collaboration that delivers on multiple levels.


Noise pop duo Black Dresses gives the earworm banger of “745 Sticky” an even more abrasive attitude. Like most songs on this album, the original is already great, but the flavor of the song is tweaked. 


Not only does the album provide some great remixes, but also some great extra tracks. “Came to my show” and “toothless,” are fun, catchy bangers that even stand up to songs from the previous project. There is even some additional lore to some of the characters on the front cover.


The group has also released two singles and a short, three-track, EP teasing their upcoming album that releases in March. They’re pretty good, but my favorite from this promotion has to be “Doritos & Fritos.” The single cover for “Doritos & Fritos” is a reference to the late rapper MF DOOM, and the song is definitely my favorite from this run. It consists of a hard baseline and takes a more punk direction. Additionally, the lyrics are more absurd than ever. Among other subjects they include: going to “France to get some new pants,” “eating burritos with Danny Devito,” and of course “Doritos and Fritos.”


Overall, 100 gecs is an amalgamation of many different sounds put into a blender, and comes out as this fresh, unique, and absurd result. Though they are relatively new, they have already paved the way for many to follow suit. If you’re looking for something that’s catchy and experimental, then I highly recommend keeping in touch with the group’s upcoming work.