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The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


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Let’s Explore Some HBHA Thanksgiving Traditions!

Molly Soloman
HBHA Kindergarteners posing in front of handmade turkey crafts

Since the Fall season has finally rolled around, families are starting to think about their plans for Thanksgiving. But what are our very own HBHA students doing this Thanksgiving? Let’s check out some of the fun traditions and memories that our students have. 


Though many common traditions include events like dinner, talking, and games, the common denominator for all these traditions includes family. Blood-related or not, family and loved ones seem to be the most important part of almost all HBHA students’ traditions.


For example, Livia Noorollah, an 11th grader, discusses her rotation of houses where they hold Thanksgiving dinner. Noorollah speaks of one of her favorite traditions, where her family goes to a different member’s house every year. She says she gets to spend time with her aunts, uncles, and grandparents in different houses every year


Noorollah says, “It’s just like a time where we always get to see my extended family…It’s just a time where everyone’s off work and we get to spend time together.”


9th grader Dani Glickman says, “It’s just a comforting holiday, with time all- together.” She goes on to talk about how her family will go see extended family in Chicago, or even go to family-friends’ homes. 


Dani Glickman with her family during Thanksgiving. (Photo courtesy of Dani Glickman)


However, after talking to many students, it is clear that many families do not have specific traditions. Many families know their Thanksgiving as a hectic but bonding experience, with new events happening every year, and a nice time off from their chaotic lives.


For example,  10th grader Elia Ellis observes that her family does not typically have a tradition for Thanksgiving but has some memories regarding her family. Ellis says Thanksgiving is a “relaxing time off from school.” She discusses her family’s busy schedule and how Thanksgiving is important to her, considering they get time off to spend together. 


Finally, the last thing that got discussed when speaking of Thanksgiving to families at HBHA, is the name itself, “giving thanks.” Yes, Thanksgiving revolves around family and food, but the whole meaning of Thanksgiving is being thankful. Even our HBHA students agree. 


Young Ayla Williams, an HBHA student, with her family during Thanksgiving (Photo courtesy of Ayla Williams)


For instance, Ruby Sokol, a 9th grader, speaks of her family’s experiences and says that Thanksgiving is “just a time of thanks.” She talks about her memories with family, and how they look forward to the holiday every year. 


Overall, our HBHA students have many interesting stories, and memories to be shared, and hopefully, many more to come. They speak of the importance of Thanksgiving to not just their families, but also to themselves personally. And though it can be a chaotic time for many, in the end, the bonding with family wins over their hearts. Happy Thanksgiving, from your own HBHA family. 

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