News Brief: Another Year, Another Lower School Student Council



Jared Schultz

On Friday Sept. 14th Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy’s third through fifth graders elected a new president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, all from the fifth grade, for lower school student council.

Ellie Glickman was elected as president and will be running meetings for the student council where they decide the raffle for the school store and the lower school spirit days. Sophie Stang was elected as the vice president, she will be assisting the president. Simon Balinoff’s role as secretary will be to advertise all of the events. Lastly, Gabriel Decker was elected the new treasurer, in charge of funds collected at the school store.

Fifth grade teacher Nancy Franks will continue her role as STUCO adviser for over 15 years. Franks says that the reason why she has been leading lower school student council is because students learn “how to communicate their ideas to their peers. They also learned how to write about realistic promises” through the speech writing process for the elections.

Lower School Student Council candidates smile together before the election. Photo by Jane Martin.
Head of School Howard Haas speaks to the Student Council Candidates. Photo by Jane Martin.
Lower school students listen intently as Student Council candidates read their speeches. Photo by Jane Martin.