Thursday Thrills: Making the Holidays Fun


Josie Safir

Middle School Student Council (MS STUCO) started a new trend called Thursday Thrills in October. The entire school dressed according to a theme-day. Student participants brought one dollar, and MS STUCO did a  mitzvah by donating the proceeds to Wayside Waifs. Having a fun and easy way to receive money makes a huge difference!

Students of all ages participated in Thursday Thrills. Photo by Josie Safir.

Since October had our Jewish holidays, MS STUCO Co-President Bree Katz wanted to “make them fun.” For example, the first Thursday Thrills day was Superhero Day, followed by Throwback Thursday, Dress Your Best Day, Support Day, and finally Dress Down Day. Eighth grader Ilana Fingerish said that she “liked that people were dressed up for Tyler Johnson’s Bar Mitzvah because I think it was really nice and made it seem more special.”

Thursday Thrills served as a new and innovative solution to get students excited about school spirit. “I really like Thursday Thrills because it’s like a spirit week, but a little more spaced out and I think the days this year were really awesome.” said Fingersh excitedly.

Lots of students and teachers dressed up for Superhero Day. Photo by Josie Safir.

Eighth grader Avi Velasquez said, “Thursday Thrills is awesome. It…makes it a lot more fun to come to school and relaxing because I’m not in a very uncomfortable uniform all day.” The hopes of Thursday Thrills was “to get the school more excited for the holidays and have something for kids to look forward to each week.” added Katz.