HBHA Ninth Graders Redecorate the Beit Midrash

HBHA Ninth Graders Redecorate the Beit Midrash

Ethan Herman

The ninth grade started a fantastic new project. The students had many brainstorming sessions in which they chose what their project would be. They decided to create a traditional  ark cover for the Beit Midrash. With the help of Mrs. Hewitt’s amazing sewing skills, the freshmen are going to create beautiful covers for both the Ark and the Tallit box.  

Freshman Mirra Goldenberg said, “I am very excited to be part of such a huge project with my classmates.”

Ninth Grader Josie Safir said,”I like that the ninth grader’s creativity comes out and the final outcome will represent us all.” The project is being led by Josh Goldberg, Social Studies department chair, and by Austin Benton, Athletics Director.  Laura Hewitt, Director of Testing and Teacher Development and Mathematics instructor, is also helping with the ninth grade project.  

Freshmen work on their class art project. Photo by Ethan Herman.

Goldberg said “I am looking forward to seeing how they work together.  It is a fairly long project, I really want to see how they feel when it is done, and see how it makes them feel.”  The idea came from Todd Clauer Upper School Principal, College Guidance Director, and Mathematics Department Chair.  Goldberg and Benton are excited to be working on such a gigantic project with the HBHA freshman.   

Ninth Grader Addie Brand said,  “It is a great opportunity for our class to bond and at the same time we are creating something beneficial to the school.”