Conflict and Conversation: Grappling with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at Jewish Day School By Leah Sosland and Haidee Clauer


Haidee Clauer

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Written by Haidee Clauer and Leah Sosland.

The State of Israel, needless to say, is an integral, even salient, facet of Jewish education at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy. Inextricable from our thirteen years of Jewish learning is our schooling in Hebrew, in Israeli history, and in our own identifications with Israel. Inseparable from any conversation about Israel, however, is Palestine.

In an attempt to broaden the scope of our understanding of the history, opinions, and conversation about Israel, we have chosen to write and record a three-part series revolving around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Part I is a condensed timeline comprising what we found to be the most helpful summation of the conflict’s history, as an introduction to our exploration of its impact on the world today. Find Part I Here.

Part II is a podcast that offers diverse perspectives and opinions on the conflict. Find Part II Here.

Part III will address the tenor of discourse around the conflict at HBHA. Find Part III Here.

We invite you to read, listen to, and engage with all three parts of the series, as we explore the complexities of Israel, Palestine, and the way each are discussed at HBHA.