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The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


Sixth Graders and New HBHA Students Experience Their First Winterims Week


Slider image by Kayla Goldenberg.

What if math, history, and science were replaced with classes like cooking, dodgeball, art, and yoga?  At Hyman Brand (HBHA), students are rewarded with a whole week of these classes right after winter break. These classes, known as Winterims, are a large variety of classes that students get to choose from and participate in. Both students and teachers were given the opportunity to teach these classes. For over 10 years now, Winterims have been a huge part of HBHA.

Leah Anderson, a new sophomore student, had a great time during her first Winterims week. “Winterims were definitely an experience I can’t get anywhere else,”Anderson said.  Anderson’s favorite Winterim was yoga. “I loved yoga because I felt so loose afterwards. I also loved the way [Jewish studies department chair] Ms. Cahlon taught the class.” Anderson continued.  

Only middle and upper school students get the opportunity to participate in Winterims.  Noah Tarjan, a sixth grader who just experienced his first Winterims week said, “I loved them! They were so much fun!”  

Some students took a yoga winterim. Photo by Josh Kolkin.

One of the most popular middle school Winterims is Mathcounts. Tarjan took Mathcounts and is now on the official team. A few weeks after Winterims, the mathcounts team competes against other schools. Tarjan also took the triathlon Winterim. “I didn’t have a favorite Winterim. I loved all of them.” said Tarjan.  

New Winterims are added every year. HBHA students love taking them and trying something new.

“I can’t wait for Winterims next year!” said Anderson.

Addie Brand, a sophomore who has attended HBHA since Kindergarten, said, “Winterims get better every year. The classes become more entertaining, and we get a larger variety of options.” Winterims, a long standing tradition, special to HBHA, continues to provide an amazing start to the semester.

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