A Farewell Letter From Your Editor in Chief


Sagi Rudnick

To my fellow Rampage-ers,

As I sit here typing this farewell letter, I find myself reflecting over this year. I think about our brainstorms, our editing workshops, and our award-giving sessions. I think about how each and every round is so unique, and how so much goes in to each and every article, picture, and post. And as all of these memories hit me, I can’t help but feel one overarching emotion: pride.

I couldn’t be more proud of you and us. In the beginning of this year, I had set two big goals for our publication. One, I wanted for all of us to elevate our content to an even higher standard. Two, I wanted for us to establish a genuine, constant presence on social media. And I am so happy to see that we’ve implemented these goals. Regarding goal one, our content has never looked better. Every picture, article, and video looks so good on the website! And in the end, that’s because of you. You put the time and energy into writing, photographing, and videotaping. Regarding goal two, our social media is up and running! I’m thrilled to see that this year we’ve not only limited ourselves to light Facebook use. This year, we’ve aggressively maintained our Facebook, while also incorporating Twitter and Instagram- which has made a world of difference! Making sure our readers can easily access our work is critical, and this year we have made that much, much easier for them. Everything about our process has gotten better this year, and for that I am extremely proud.

Leadership, by definition, is about those around you. Believe me, I know that. And while I served as your editor-in-chief this year, the Rampage would be nothing without all of you and the individuality you each bring to the table. While my time as your EiC is almost done, I am confident that the state of our publication has never been better. But despite that confidence, we have to make sure that we always seek to improve. We need to innovate, recruit new people to Pubs, and be bold while staying true to our values as a publication. I leave you all with this: Joseph Pulitzer, the renowned news publisher, once said: ”Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together.” So let’s make sure we, and our Rampage which we all love, rise together. I will truly miss being your editor-in-chief, and I know that in the charge of Mirra and Ilana next year, you all can make the paper rise to even greater heights! I love you all, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you and the Rampage!

Yours Truly,

Sagi Rudnick, Class of 2019