Seven of Israel’s most Innovative Inventions



Ayelet Schuster

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Israel is a small country that has changed the world with its advanced technology and innovative inventions. This country has the most startups per capita worldwide, and has become one of the leading countries in high-tech developments.

Everything from medical inventions, to agriculture and food, to navigation systems, and to technology, Israel continues to develop new innovations that are changing the world.

Top Medical Inventions:

  1. In 2019, Israel became the first country to 3D print a heart with blood vessels. Although it was not the first ever heart printed, it was the first heart with cells and blood vessels, which are necessary for survival. The heart is still in the developing stages, and is currently the size of a rabbit’s heart. The goal for this development is to be able to perform more heart transplants, and also decrease the risk of the patient rejecting the transplant.
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  1. Another medical technology that was created in Israel is the PillCam, which is an internal x-ray machine the size of a pill. This camera is swallowed like a pill, and over the course of a few days it collects data to perform a colorectal cancer screening. The PillCam decreases the number of colonoscopies performed, and it allows for a preparation free screening.
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Top Agriculture and Food Inventions:

  1. Since Israel has a desert climate and scarce water, it needed to find a solution to watering crops that saves water. This led Simcha Blass to invent a drip irrigation system called Netafim, which means drops of water. This pipe system drips small amounts of water on to crops, which gives them just enough water to grow.
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  1. Israelis also helped to develop the cherry tomato, making it more flavorful and able to have a longer shelf life. While Israelis did not create the cherry tomato, they made it possible for them to be such a commodity. Before they were developed by Israelis, they were tasteless and had no shelf life. Now cherry tomatoes are flavorful and can be transported and sold worldwide.
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Top Navigation Invention:

  1. Ehud Shabtai found that standard GPS devices were not giving him the best directions because they were not aware of current traffic or accidents on the road. This inspired him to develop his own navigation system, which is known as Waze. This system allows users to give traffic updates and also update other new road information to the app. These current updates allow for users to be given the most relevant information, which allows them to more easily avoid traffic and find the fastest route to their final destination.
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Top Technology Inventions:

  1. One of Israel’s technological inventions is a baby monitoring device called Babysense. This device is a no-radiation and no-touch device that monitors the baby’s breathing and movement through the mattress. If the baby does not breathe for 20 seconds or breathes less than 10 times in a minute, a visual and auditory alarm goes off, notifying others in the house that the baby should be checked on.
  1. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive was invented by Israeli Dov Moran in 2000. USB flash drives are removable storage devices that can connect to a computer and store data that can be easily transferred to the computer. These devices are convenient and efficient because they are portable and have large storage capacities.
Photo by Ayelet Schuster.

These are just seven of the numerous Israeli innovations that have made a difference in people’s lives all around the world. The United States has benefitted from each of these Israeli inventions. Along with the rest of the world, Americans have saved water, gotten to enjoy cherry tomatoes, avoided traffic, stored information on USB drives, and so much more from these incredible Israeli inventions. Israel continues to develop new technologies every day, and by doing so it has made an impact on the world for the better.