100 Days of Kindergarten

Sam Sosland

Feb. 10 marks the one hundredth day of school for students at Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy (HBHA), generally celebrated in lower school with plenty of fun and games. For the kindergarten class, this is an especially important milestone, because this is their first 100th day of school at HBHA. To commemorate the occasion, the kindergarten class made decorative posters about the number one hundred. The posters are currently displayed on the board outside of the kindergarten classroom. In addition to this art, the kindergarteners played games and did math problems all around the theme of the number one hundred.

While this was a day of fun, the one hundredth day of school was also a day of learning for the kindergarten class. They played games for their milestone, including estimating which jar has one hundred Mike and Ike candies, and counting to one hundred by twos and tens. Students also got to eat a parve cake which had one hundred chocolate chips on top. They had a speed test to see how many times they could write their names in one hundred seconds. The students also counted one hundred chocolate chips, divided them into groups of ten, and other similar math problems.

The kids definitely had a fun time on the one hundredth day of school. Hopefully these kindergarteners will experience many more one hundredth day of school celebrations at HBHA.