Lauren’s Thought Bubble: What is home?


Lauren Hassan

What is home? Is it where we live? The four walls that surround us and a roof over our head? Is home the place that we work hard to keep? I’ve been in many houses but I’ve only had so many homes. A house and a home are not the same thing. A home is where you belong. It’s not just where your family is. It’s not necessarily where you were born or raised. In fact, to be at home you don’t need any of things. I think home is where you can be yourself, or dance ridiculously and you don’t care who’s watching. Unfortunately, people tend to misuse the word ‘home’ just as they do ‘depression’. I think some people may not find their homes until they leave for college or get married. Home isn’t always a building or a town. Home can be a person. Where you feel safe and comfortable. That’s your home. Where you feel happiness. I’ve moved around a lot in this past year. But only one of those places was home. Yet, we can’t stay home forever. Just like baby birds are forced to fly, people are forced to leave home. Sure, homes are cozy. But they’re not permanent. They burn, they crumble. Sometimes homes have to be rebuilt. Other times we just have to move on.