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The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


“Big Baby Academy” Fifth Grade Opera Extravaganza Opens January 29th, 2015


By Eli Gur-Esh and Audrey Brand


A wonderful thing is happening, the Fifth Grade of Mr. Brown’s class are producing and performing an opera! Everyone’s talking about it. It’s going to be a hilarious slapstick comedy. There will be dancing, food fighting, yelling, laughter, singing and many more amazing things in this opera. “Big Baby Academy” is about a class in kindergarten that is crazy, that acts too old, and they have a teacher who didn’t even go to college . There has been a lot of work in this opera by everyone in Mr. Brown’s fifth grade class. Many kids put time and effort into their work, and here are some of the things they did.


The Opera set and Make-up and Design.

The set and makeup design group is a creative group of bright kids.  Each of them love and enjoy drawing and painting, for example Madi says, “I love drawing! It’s really fun that I can do this at school.”  The kids in the group are Olivia Balanoff,  Madi Bell, Dana Shamir, Shalom Dovid Schulgasser, Shai-el Luger, Avi Silverberg, Tyler Johnson, Samuel Wasserman and Gilli Gerson. Some of the things they have done for the opera are the classroom scene in the opera, which is amazing.  It looks just like a real kindergarten classroom, and it has a lot of details like books and little stuffed animals on shelves, plus Boy and Girl restroom doors, There is a white board for the teacher and lunch boxes. They also made an outdoors playground for the recess scene.


The Performers:

The performers are a group that is amazingly good at acting, and they love doing what they do. “I feel like I’m in a different universe or something.” said Aaron and Maya. Ethan, and Shir-el agreed.  “I feel weird and awkward when I perform because I’m not myself.” Aaron continued. Whenever you see the performers on stage, you will smirk and smile because they are funny and good at what they do.  The names of the students in the performer group include, Zakaiyah, Maya, Shir-el, Emma, Ethan, and Aaron.  Zakaiyah plays the part of Mrs. Honeybuns, Maya plays the part of Lucilla, Shir-el plays the part of Julie, Emma plays the part of Savannah, Ethan plays the part of JimmyBob, and Aaron plays the part of Calvin Jr.

Watching this great acting troupe rehearse gives us the feeling of being happy.


The Production Manage and Stage Managers

In charge of the whole process is the amazing Production Manager Forrest Jacobs. The stage managers, Ariel Iseman and Max Gershon, are very kind and respectful. Even though there are only two of them,  they are an awesome team. Their job is to direct the performers on stage in the opera. The stage managers also help with the script and the props. Their favorite props is a giant, fluffy teddy bear!!!

The Marketing Team:

The “Big Baby Academy’s” marketing group, including Baruch Davis and Jed Linafelt, is a funny and creative group of kids. They made all of the posters and advertisements. If you saw the opera posters, you would be amazed that two fifth graders made the posters.


The Composers and Librettists:

The composers of “Big Baby Academy” are Aaron, Zakaiyah, Ethan and Emma. A composer is a person who writes music for singers and musicians. The composers of “Big Baby Acadamy” made all of the music without any help, and they are just 5th graders! When people hear the score it makes them laugh.  The words or script to an opera is called the libretto. The librettists for “Big Baby Academy” are Ariel, Aaron, Olivia, and Emma.


If you want a good time and lots of laughs, come out and see Mr. Brown’s awesome 5th grade class in “Big Baby Academy.”


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