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The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Student News Site of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy


The Ups and Downs of COD: Modern Warfare; Is It Worth It?


Image from Flickr

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, the newest game in the Call Of Duty franchise, is well renowned as a masterpiece. It was developed in 2019 by Infinity Ward, and published by Activision. 

The game consists of four separate game modes, the first being the campaign mode. Also known as story mode, this game mode is single player only and takes you across various locations around the Middle East, ranging from the desert to in city airports as an American soldier helping citizens fight against an evil terrorist regime led by The Wolf. 

While the story was great, I was not the biggest fan of the gameplay of  the campaign. The sporadic movements of the enemy A.I (artificial intelligence) is sometimes all too wild and random. There is also a lack of hitmarkers; a small line on the screen indicating whenever one of your shots hits an enemy. In the game’s three other game modes, both multiplayer and warzone use hitmarker systems: They’re extremely useful while sniping, as without it, you would not know whether your shot made contact or if it landed 100 meters to the other side of your target.

The next gamemode is called Warzone, and of the four, it’s the only one that is completely free to purchase and play. Warzone is a 150-player battle royale, taking place on the beautiful map of Verdansk. A battle royale has never before been seen in a Call Of Duty (COD) game, so this was an interesting surprise for the gaming community as a whole. Many people were excited battle royale games have been appearing everywhere lately, so COD fans were glad to finally see one from their favorite franchise. Many people were excited watching the release trailer and counted down the days until it would come out for beta testing. 

Call of Duty Warzone was the first ever implementation of battle royale in the Call of Duty franchise. Image from Flickr

The locations in the game make for fun gameplay, as you can have gun fights while running between downed gunplanes, or you can sneak throughout the showers of a prison bathroom while keeping your finger on your shotgun trigger. Unlike co-op and multiplayer, you only spawn with a single pistol and barely any ammo. The point is to travel around the map, collecting ammo, shields, better guns, killstreaks, killing players, and surviving long enough to win the game. However, enemies are not the only hazard that players have to worry about. 

I really enjoy this aspect of the game, as I know that if it didn’t exist, “campers” (people who take wide barrel shotguns or snipers that hide themselves away in buildings instead of playing on the offensive) would thrive and the game wouldn’t be fun anymore. This is by far the best part of warzone; it feels like a mini-adventure of its own to get all the loot. Unfortunately, I am not a very good Warzone player (yet I dominate the field in Multiplayer), so I usually end up sneaking around, getting very high tier weapons, but as soon as I see an enemy, they kill me with a level 1 weapon, and I rage quit.

Call Of Duty games use something called a battle pass as a way to reward players for leveling up, and a small way for the company to get micro transactions. There are 100 levels in the battle pass, where each has prizes that you can customize your operator or guns with. Many players reach level 100 of the battle pass far before the end of the season, yet  the people who do not have time to play for an hour a day must settle with reaching around level 50-70. Along with the battle pass resetting, the player’s level does too, going back to anywhere from 0-55 depending on their level when the season ended.

Multiplayer, by far my favorite gamemode in this entire game, is nothing short of excellence, a brilliant blockbuster. I never imagined I could get so much dopamine from staring at a screen. The maps are beautiful and smaller, yet much more detailed and better locations compared to Warzone, with places to hide, peek, and jump over. Another feature is that you get to choose any gun you have unlocked and alter it by adding attachments to suit your needs best. You can actually do this in Warzone, however, in multiplayer, you can  alter your gun in the middle of a game and choose different ones as well. There are many mini game modes inside of multiplayer that each have their own level of fun. One of my favorites, for instance, is called search and destroy. In this game mode, two teams of six go against each other in a fast paced game, similar to the first person shooter Counter Strike Global Offense (CS:GO). In this game mode, if you die, you do not respawn. Instead, you spectate your teammates as they either protect their base from bombs, or plant their own bombs on the enemy’s field. I have yet to find a map in multiplayer that I do not enjoy, as each have their own strategic and offensive advantages that long-time players will be able to recognize and use to their advantage, such as places to hide around the corner where you can shoot at your enemy.

The weapon customization menu in Call of Duty Modern Warfare that allows the player to manipulate their battle kit to suit their play-style. Image from Flickr

Multiplayer is much more of an offensive game mode then co-op and Warzone, where in those the best way to win is strategy, in multiplayer the best way to win is to have practiced for hours with a good gun and be quick on your reflexes. I cannot stress this enough, if you go into a multiplayer gamemode feeling drowsy or your fingers are cold and take longer to move, you will not do good, as you must be able to react at any moment to shoot the enemy.  

Altogether, the hours I spent on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare are probably more than all my hours for other games combined. On school afternoons, as soon as I’m done with work, I boot up my Xbox, put my gaming headphones on, and kickback and relax as I destroy the enemy team and make the top of the leader board in nearly every game I play. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters, and I would also recommend someone who is not into those games to at least try it and see how they like it. I give this game my highest rating possible, a 10/10, in the hopes that the reader will see what I see in this game and like it as much as I do.

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