Zohar Flacks Enriches Jewish Life at HBHA


Elana Goldenberg

Zohar Flacks is new to HBHA this year. Flacks, an Israeli native, has been living in Kansas City for five years. She found HBHA because “everyone knows HBHA if you live in Kansas City and you’re Jewish.” She did not come straight from Israel to Kansas

Since moving to Kansas City, Flacks has been working with the Jewish youth. She taught Hebrew School at Beth Shalom for a few years. More recently, Flacks has continued working with youth in the Jewish community. “I have been a Rosh Chodesh facilitator for the [Jewish] Federation,” said Flacks.

Flacks has many ways she enjoys to spend her free time. “I like to hang out with my family, as well as my child, and my friends,” said Flacks. “I like to read. I like to cook and bake. I Skype a lot with my family from Israel.”

Here at HBHA, Flacks holds a position new to the school: Director of Jewish Life. “It’s a cool position,” adds Flacks. She also teaches one Hebrew class. She has a lot of fun working here. “Everyone’s been really welcoming and I really, really like it!” Ms. Flacks wants to make HBHA a great place. “If you guys have any ideas to enhance the spirit of HBHA, I would love to hear it!”